Electric Vehicles
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Don't bother reading this unless you are a search engine! We always wanted to Convert and build Electric Vehicles, we love to Convert Cars to EVs, our workshop is in Taunton and we supply customers World-wide including Belgium, England, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, we sell Conversions, Kits, and Parts some custom-made to order and some off the shelf ,we custom-make conversions professionally and to all the correct standards, we have experience working with compliance authorities and we consult for large and small car manufactures, investors and investment bankers, yes you can get all the parts you need for an electric car conversion from Taunton, Hatch Beauchamp


AVT began developing electric vehicles in 1992

Our first product was the AVT-100E electric car

With its aerodynamic body this EV could achieve high performance

Later AVT moved into development of conversions which offer a lower cost route to buying EVs

AVT has been involved in converting many different products to electric drive including:

Performance cars, modern urban cars, classic cars, vans, tractors, mowers and more.

AVT has worked with and on behalf of well known motor industry companies

AVT consults for many clients from manufactures to investment bankers

As EV technologies have progressed AVT has integrated the latest developments in our electric conversions:

Battery chemistries: Currently; Lithium ion and lithium polymers. Originally; lead acid and nickel cadmium  

Motors: Currently; brushless AC asynchronous induction and synchronous permanent magnet. Originally DC brushed, series wound, separately excited and permanent magnet.

Controllers: Currently; fully programmable parameter control MOSFET and IGBT. Originally; low frequency analogue

Chargers: Now; high frequency miniaturised onboard systems. Originally; large stand-alone conventional transformer systems    
Alternative Vehicles Technology History
AVT’s first product was the AVT-100E electric car which was based on the Rover Metro, which then became our first conversion
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